Salford Postgraduate & Staff Research Training (SPoRT)

The training sessions available are organised according to the four domains mapped out in the Researcher Development Framework and are open to all postgraduate researchers, academic and research staff.

A. Knowledge and intellectual abilities

B. Personal effectiveness

C. Research governance and organisation

D. Engagement, influence and impact 

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 A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

A1: Knowledge base

Information seeking and management
Library Basics for Researchers 
Electronic resources for researchers 
Arts and Media Databases for Researchers

Googlescholar for Research - now available!
Endnote Basics for Researchers 
Introduction to EndNote X7
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 
Locating and Using Historical Archives for Research
Audio-visual resources for your research - now available!
Using Elsevier Compendex and Knovel
Referencing & information ethics for research
Formatting Your Thesis - online resources and handbook

Research methods: practical application
The interview: its place in social scientific research strategies 
Intro to Nvivo and the Literature Review - now available!
Qualitative research with NVivo (Advanced)
Quantitative research tools: Introduction to SPSS - now available!
Quantitative research analysis with SPSS (Advanced) 
The Unique Voice: Combining qualitative methodologies to meet the individual
needs of the researcher/research study

A2. Cognitive abilities

Synthesising, Critical Thinking and Evaluating
Doing a literature review 
Critical thinking and critical writing at postgraduate level 
Organising and synthesising your work 
Preparing for the Viva 
Get Ready for the Viva Workshop 
Mock Interim Assessment - Collaborate recording, accessed via Blackboard

B. Personal Effectiveness

B1. Personal qualities
Myers Briggs Personality Profiling 
Becoming a Researcher: Realizing your Potential and Raising your Profile
Building a Healthy Working Relationship with your Supervisor 
The Imposter Syndrome 
SPARC Chairing Sessions Training

B2. Self-Management
A Survival Guide to Doing a PhD 
The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students 
Writing Retreat on campus - now available!
Turbocharge Your Writing  - recording from 2015, login with your Salford ID
The PhD Survival Video - login with your Salford ID
60 Minute Confidence

B3. Career Development
CVs: academic and non-academic 
Effective job applications 
Preparing for Job Interviews 
Your PhD – what next? planning for a successful career 
Job hunting for researchers
Working in the UK during and after your PhD (for international students) 
Personal branding 

See also: Career Development opportunities open to all students

C. Research Governance and Organisation

C1. Professional Conduct
Research ethics - now available!
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for research students 
Using other people's work in your research
Good Practice in Authorship of Research Publications User Guide - pdf guide
SPARC Chairing Sessions Training

C2. Research Management
Completing a Learning Agreement & the PhD Progression Points 
Progression Point Assessments - footage of PGR assessments
Research Data Management 
Open Research: Open access publishing and research data management 
Preparing for the viva 
Get Ready for the Viva Workshop - now available!
The Good Doctorate - training video, login with your Salford ID to view.
The Good Viva - training video, login with your Salford ID to view
The UK Doctorate - training video, login with your Salford ID to view

C3. Finance, Funding and Resources
Designing a successful research application 
Research Funding Opportunities for Early Career Researchers 
An Introduction to Project Costings and Budgets 
Post-Award Project Administration
Pitch It! - now available!


D. Engagement, Influence and Impact

D1. Working with Others
Myers Briggs Personality Profiling 
The Good Supervision Video - training video, login with your Salford ID to view

D2. Communication and Dissemination
Abstract Writing with Confidence
Developing Your Personal Brand Online Using Social Media 
Social Media for PGRs (hands on session) 
Planning and Writing a Thesis 
Formatting Your Thesis - online resources and handbook
Presenting at Academic Conferences (pre SPARC) 
Referencing & information ethics for research 
Introduction to the Media (for researchers) 
Open Access Publishing 
Academic Conference Posters
Presentation Skills: 3 Minute Thesis Practice Session

D3. Engagement and Impact
What is Impact? 
Newton's Apple Science Policy Workshop
Communicating science and research to children and family audiences


Other University-wide courses:

Wordscope: academic writing skills (10 week course, native speakers of English)

LEAP Higher: Learn English for Academic Purposes: a series of classes designed to give non-native English speakers support while studying at Salford. LEAP Higher is specifically for PhD researchers to help with thesis writing and academic speaking for presenting and defending research.

IT and Digital Skills - Skills for Learning offer a range of online training on Microsoft Office, including Access, Excel, Word, and Project. There are also workshops on Excel and Word, including sessions on how to format your thesis in Word. 

Other University-wide resources:

Enterprise events, projects and training are available through Careers and Employability.

Electronic resources to accompany the training are available through Blackboard.

International students may also find UKCISA's Prepare for Success website useful for learning about academic life in the UK.

If you have attended one of the SPoRT events, please fill out our evaluation form to help us with the continuous development of the programme.

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